Newsletter 10


Following on from our last Newsletter when we discussed the Easter Triduum, we now consider what happened after the Resurrection.  


Appearances of Jesus after the Resurrection

There are some wonderful accounts of Jesus appearing to his disciples which can be read in the Gospels


            Appearance to Mary Magdalene                       Jn.20:11-18

            The Road to Emmaus                                       Luke 24:13-32

            To the Apostles                                                Jn.20:19-29

            On the Shore of Lake Galilee                            Jn.21:1-18

             when Jesus cooked fish and gave authority to Peter


Ascension of Jesus 

The Acts of the Apostles starts with the Ascension of Jesus up to Heaven to return to his Father, forty days after the Resurrection.  We can read this account in Acts 1:6-11





This was originally a Jewish Feast which occurred fifty days after the Passover.  The Jews celebrated the first fruits of the corn harvest and in later times the giving of the Law to Moses. In the Christian Calendar, Pentecost falls fifty days after Easter.


While on earth, Jesus had promised to send the Paraclete or Comforter who would be with us all the time.  This is the Holy Spirit who came upon the Apostles and Mary in the Upper Room, in the form of a wind and separated tongues of fire.  The Apostles were empowered to go out to spread the Gospel    (See Acts 2:1-11) We, as followers of Christ can also claim the Holy Spirit to have come upon us, both at Baptism and at our Confirmation.  The Holy Spirit continues to come down on us when we do God’s work on earth.    (See notes on Session 3)


May – the Month of Mary

The Tradition of the Church has been to show devotion to Mary especially during the month of May. In former times, there would have been processions when Mary’s statue would be carried through the streets which still happens in some Catholic countries throughout the world. 


This is a good month to try to say the Rosary – or just a decade - to show devotion to Mary whose role in the Church is to be our Mother and to lead us to her Son, Jesus our Saviour. 
  (See notes on Session 10)